Acquisition of Blinded Diagnostics

10 Dec 2018

Acquisition of Blinded Diagnostics

We're excited to be able to share news of the creation of a new division within the Woodley Equipment Group. An offer for Blinded Diagnostics, has been accepted which will now see an extension of our services for Point Of Care Testing within Clinical Trials. 

Our two companies have been engaged to provide Point of Care diagnostic devices and support services for a multi-center clinical trials for the past two years andwe'll be collaborating on a major global biopharmaceutical study starting this month.

The Blinded Diagnostics founders and management team will be retained by Woodley as an integral part of the executive team. Blinded Diagnostics will become a service offering of the combined companies. 

Woodley Equipment Company Aquisition of Blinded Diagnostics Press Release 1 Dec.pdf