Omron 907 Blood Pressure Monitor


This innovative all-in-one Omron 907 blood pressure monitor is specifically designed for use in the clinical setting and is clinically validated. It is designed for versatile use offering automatic oscillometric and manual auscultatory modes.

The Omron 907 is quiet, quick and simple, and is used by many professionals in a variety of settings. Measurements are displayed digitally.

The Omeron 907 blood pressure monitor is available for rental / hire or purchase


  • Clinically validated
  • Oscillometric and auscultatory use combined in one unit
  • Hide display functions
  • Deflation button (deflation control)
  • Average reading mode
  • Quiet operation
  • Digital automatic upper arm model
  • Intellisense™ technology
  • Supplied with rechargeable batteries and adapter
  • Environmentally friendly - rechargeable battery, washable cuff and reduced packaging
  • Mobile stand with basket (optional)



Oscillometric method
Measurement range
Pressure: 0 to 299 mmHg

Pulse rate: 30 to 199 beats/min
Pressure: ± 3 mmHg

Pulse rate: ± 5% of reading
Automatic with pumping
Automatic by electromagnetic control valve
Air release
Automatic rapid, by electromagnetic control valve
Pressure detection
Electrostatic capacity semi-conductor pressure sensor
Power supply
AC adapter (230VAC, 50Hz. 20VA) or battery pack (4.8VDC, 6W)
Electric shock protection
Class II B Type
Operating temperature
10°C to 40°C
Operating humidity
30 to 85% RH
Approximately 910g
203h x 139w  x 131d mm


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