Veterinary Parasep Faecal Filters


These filters offer an easy to use and much improved method of determining Worm Egg Count (WEC) in Cattle, Sheep and Horses.

Flotation methods for WEC can require several Specific Gravity solutions to cover different  parasites. The two common flotation methods, ‘Modified McMaster’  and ‘Improved Modified McMaster’, both use Saturated NaCl and are both catered for with Veterinary Parasep.


  • Cleaner, safer method - The enclosed filtration environment keeps user contact with harmful vapours and aerosols to a bare minimum
  • No possibility of cross contamination - being single use and disposable prevents any possibility of sample carryover
  • More accurate and consistent results - egg counts can be affected using traditional techniques, by unintentional inconsistent sample mixing
  • No laborious, time consuming 'clean up' of sinks, shaker bottles and sieves - all the filtration mixing and shaking is performed inside the Veterinary Parasep tube

Step By Step

  1. 3g of faeces is weighed, mixed with 42mls of water (IMM) or 42mls sat. salt solution (MM) and the granules
  2. Mix filtered through 425 micro pored. Filtrate is then poured straight into a Mcmaster slide or a modified Mcmaster method
  3. Centrifuged and resuspended in salt solution (modified Mcmaster method)


  • No more expensive glass beads.
  • No more inconsistent mixing between users.
  • No more health and safety issues whilst cleaning.
  • No more possibility of carryover if not cleaned correctly.

Proven to Provide Egg Counts in Line With Traditional Methods

Independent testing by a leading Veterinary Laboratory found that Veterinary Parasep gave comparible Worm Egg Counts to both the Modified McMaster and the Improved Modified MacMaster techniques. This comparison was undertaken for Ovine, Bovine and Equine samples.

Trial Users at Independent Veterinary Practices Said

"We have found the technique easy to use and quick to perform - the instructions provided are clear and easy to follow making it simple even for those who have never prepared a sample for faecal egg counting before."

"We find that using our own practice lab for these samples allows us to return results back to clients much faster than if we had to post a sample to a lab.  We are also able to offer the client a lower price.  Samples can be processed by a vet or a nurse (whomever is free at the time), with results reported on a standard practice form!. 

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