Near-Infrared Biochemistry Reagents

Quantum Vet Diagnostics appointed as the exclusive distributor of ILS Near-Infrared Diagnostic Reagents.

ILS is the world's leading developer of quality analytical methods in clinical chemistry. The company's design focus is in two areas of traditional weakness of conventional chemistries, namely the elimination of common interference's and the stabilisation of enzymes in liquid reagents.

ILS has developed two reagent technologies which are unique in the diagnostic biochemistry world.

Near-Infrared Detection

ILS's N-IR detection enables widely used automation to avoid serious inaccuracies due to lipaemia, haemolysis and icterus.

Ready-to-Use Reagents (Infrared Laboratory Systems)

ILS methods are supplied in a ready-to-use liquid form, including those containing enzymes and co-enzymes. There are several benefits to the user including:

  • No preparation time
  • No preparation variability or error
  • Improved day-to-day precision by elimination of preparation variability
  • Simplified reagent management
  • Improved on-board stability
  • Waste elimination = low cost
  • Near-Infrared diagnostic reagents used to avoid serious inaccuracies due to lipaemia, haemolysis and icterus

Customer Defined Profiles and/or Tests Can Be Programmed From the Following List

Albumin, Alkaline Phosphatase, ALT, AST, Amylase, Bilirubin (Total), Calcium, Cholesterol, CK, Creatinine, Glucose, GGT, Phosphate, Protein (Total) and Urea

Further Tests Which May Also Be Added to the Quantum Series of Practice Analysers, Are Available, Including

BHB, Bile Acids, Copper, Fibrinogen, Fructosamine, GLDH, GSH-Px (as Selenium), IGG, LDH,     Lipase, Magnesium, SAA, T4 (Total Thyroxin), Triglycerides, Uric Acid, Urine Creatinine, Urine   Protein, Zinc  and Phenobarbitone

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