SpotChem EL Electrolyte Analyser



The SpotChem EL Electrolyte Analyser is a compact veterinary electrolyte analyser which utilises dry reagent technology. As there are no liquid reagents present, servicing and routine maintenance is kept to a minimum. 

With its benchtop size, the EL is capable of simultaneously measuring the parameters sodium, potassium and chloride in whole blood, plasma, serum or urine. Results are reported in just 60 seconds. 

The SpotChem EL offers both a low level of maintenance and easy calibration, so is ideal for any veterinary practice requiring fast, accurate and simple veterinary electrolyte analysis.


  • Easy operation - Well suited for in-practice use with several convenient features
  • Small sample volume - 22µl whole blood, serum, plasma or urine
  • Convenient twin-pipette - For the drawing and application of samples
  • Simultaneously tests electrolyte Na+, K+ and Cl-
  • Highly reliable electrodes
  • Low maintenance
  • Test results in 60 seconds
  • Built-in thermal printer - A printout of the three electrolyte measurements is produced in just 60 seconds making it ideal for emergency cases and stat tests

Highly Reliable Special Electrodes

The E-Plate has 3 pairs of internal electrodes. Results are calculated from the potential difference generated between the sample and an equal amount of reference solution.

Automatic and Fast Results

The removal of the twin-pipette after applying the sample automatically starts the measurement which takes approximately 60 seconds. The SpotChem EL Electrolyte Analyser enables rapid veterinary electrolyte analysis.


Whole blood, plasma, serum or urine
Na+, K+ and Cl-
Measurement Principle
Potentiometric method with ion-selective electrodes
Measurement Time
60 seconds
Sample Volume
Data Storage Volume
50 results
58mm width built-in thermal printer
External Output
RS-232C (serial)
Power Supply
AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption
1.5 kg
138h x 135w x 225d mm

Ordering Information

Product Code
Product Description
WD0890SpotChem EL Electrolyte Analyser
WD0891SpotChem EL E-Plates (50)
WD0892SpotChem EL Pipette Tips (200)
WD0947ASpotChem EL Printer Paper (1 Roll)
WD0949N1SpotChem EZ/EL Blood Cuvette (100)

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