PCRun Molecular Detection Kit


The PCRun® Molecular Detection Kit from Biogal is an isothermal molecular amplification method  that has allowed PCR testing to become faster, more affordable and accessible for your needs.

PCRun Molecular Detection tests can easily be performed in a veterinary practice to help identify veterinary infectious diseases with a high degree of sensitivity.

What Is Unique and Innovative About PCRun?

While the accuracy of veterinary PCR testing has been undeniable, to date the conventional PCR testing procedure requires multiple steps, via expensive and complicated devices. These conventional devices have a long turnaround time, typically of 2-4 hours or longer and until today, could only be performed via specialised lab staff in a veterinary lab. 

PCRun is an isothermal molecular amplification method that has now allowed PCR testing to become faster, more affordable and accessible for your needs. 

The methodology is easier to use and the PCRun can be performed simply in a clinic or a lab. PCRun also provides the reliability you would expect from PCR testing.

Biogal PCRun
Standard PCR
Simple - no multiple steps
Multiple steps
Requires large thermocycler
Portable - less expensive, small heat block
Thermocycler - expensive and large
Fast turnaround time - within 75 minutes
Long turnaround time - 2-4 hours
User friendly
Easy to use
Performed by Vet
Performed by lab only

Three Simple Steps

  1. Sample prep = isolation of DNA from clinical samples 
  2. Amplification of target pathogen DNA 
  3. Displaying diagnostic result – 2 methods by either lateral flow or real time

Current PCRun Kits Available

  • Canine Ehrlichia Molecular Detection 
  • Canine Pathogenic Leptospira Molecular Detection 
  • Canine Leishmania Molecular Detection 
  • Canine Anaplasma Molecular Detection
  • Canine Babesia Canis Molecular Detection
  • Canine / Feline Parvovirus Molecular Detection
  • Feline Mycoplasma Haemofelis Molecular Detection
  • Bovine Leptospira Molecular Detection
  • Feline Leukaemia Virus DNA Molecular Detection

The PCRun Reader is a very small, relatively inexpensive reader, simple to operate and read.

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