Regional Analgesia Infusion Pump

This regional analgesia infusion pump is colour coded and designed for wound infiltration and nerve blocks to enhance the recovery of patients. The pain management system has a potential library of 26 protocols which can be set up to reflect either the patient's needs or pain management speciality in hospital or a homecare setting. The system may not meet all performance specifications if operated outside of the stated operating conditions detailed in the specification.

The Regional Analgesia Infusion Pump available for rental/hire or purchase


  • Lightweight and compact, suitable for both bedside and ambulatory use. 
  • The piston pumping mechanism ensures outstanding accuracy and linearity of infusion, even at lowest rates to meet the standards of your most demanding specialities
  • Automatic bolus rate adjustment optimises bolus delivery and prevents false occlusion alarms
  • The post occlusion bolus reduction system will safely release pressure from the line, following an occlusion, without administering a potential post occlusion bolus
  • Adjustable air-in-line detection and occlusion pressure settings helps to protect patients by providing a fast time to alarm, ensuring early detection of potential issues
  • Lockable keypad and fixed or variable code protected programmes for accessible
  •  Alarms and Alerts - air in line. down occlusion, pump unattended, end program/near end (alert), low battery (alert), end battery, door open, error (followed by error code), lock mode, missing key



Flow Rate
0.0 to 100ml/h in 0.1ml increments
Priming Rate
Range 300 to 435 ml/h (default 400 ml/h)
Total Infused Volume
0.1 to 1,000 ml
Pump Accuracy
+/- 5%
KVD Rate
0 to 50 ml/h
Air Sensor
Ultrasonic, adjustable air bubble size
Maximum Pressure
35 psi adjustable (High = 28 psi/High2 = 28psi/High3 = 35psi, Normal = 14psi, Low 7 psi
Power Supply
110 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz 0.3A max
Battery/Battery Operation        
Rechargeable Ll-Polymer 72 volt, 1800mAh / 20 hours @ 125 ml/h (rechargeable)
Battery Charging
Automatic when clicked into the charger connected to an AC power source. Six hours needed to charge a fully depleted battery
112 L x 89 W x 32 H mm /
280g without battery / 390 g with battery
Environmental Specification - Non operating conditions
Temperature -25° C to 50° C (-13° F to +122° F). Humidity 20% to 90% R.H. at +40° C, non condensing. Air Pressure 70KPa to 110KPa
Operating Conditions
 Temperature +18° C to +45° C (+59° F to +133° F)

 Humidity 20% to 90% R.H. at +40C, non condensing

 Air Pressure 70KPA to 110KPa


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