InSight DB Chemistry Analyser


The InSight™ DB Chemistry Analyser is a fully automated clinical chemistry analyser, which uses liquid reagents and is approximately 70% cheaper to run than dry chemistry.


  • User friendly intuitive veterinary software
  • Onboard refrigerated reagent/sample compartment
  • Minimal user maintenance
  • Fast throughput - example batch times: 9mins 1x GHP, 13mins 2x GHP, 16mins 3x GHP
  • Continuous loading, no need to wait for batch completion
  • Stat function for urgent tests
  • Fully automated with auto-reflex dilution of over range results
  • Flexible testing, single parameter or up to 20 user defined profiles
  • Small footprint W 414 x D 565 mm
  • Online remote assistance directly to your analyser
  • Long life ceramic syringes to ensure accuracy and precision
  • Environmentally friendly semi-disposable reaction cuvettes with high efficiency wash system

Customer Defined Profiles and/or Tests can be Programmed from the Following List:

Albumin, Alkaline Phosphate, ALT, AST, Amylase, Bilirubin (Total), Calcium, Cholestrol, CK, Creatinine, Glucose, GGT, Phosphate, Protein (Total) and Urea

BHB, Bile Acids, Chloride, Copper, Fibrinogen, Fructosamine, GLDH, GSH-Px (as Selenium), Haemoglobin, IgG, LDH, Lipase, Magnesium, NEFA, SAA, T4 (Total Thyroxin), Triglycerides, Uric Acid, Urine Creatinine, Urine Protein, Zinc, Phenobarbitone, Iron, Ferritin and TIBC


Instrument Performance

Photoelectric colourimetry
Assay Method

End Point, Kinetic, Two Point etc.
200 T/H
STAT Function

Reagent System

Reagent Disk
40 reagent positions, supporting different types of bottles
Cooling System
2-8°C 24h non-stop cooling system
Reagent Probe
High-polished probe, automatic liquid level detection and tracing, collision protection
Reaction System

Reaction Cuvette
60 environmentally friendly reusable reaction cuvettes
Washing System
8-step warm water washing
Minimum Reaction Volume
180 µl
Heating System
Sample System

Sample Disk
40 sample positions include standard, QC, STAT positions
Sample Probe
High-polished probe, automatic liquid level detection and tracing, collision protection, 2-50µl with 0.1µl increment
Optical System

Light Source
Halogen-Tungsten lamp with long life, 12V, 20W
Photometry Range
9 wavelengths (300nm - 700nm)

(W) 414 x (D) 565 x (H) 385 mm
Water Consumption

The Quantum Solution Includes As Standard

  • All Inclusive Reagent, Support & Maintenance Package
  • Now includes InSight Lab Manager
  • Integrates to your Practice Management System
  • Out of Hours Technical Support
  • Fixed Price for 5 Years
  • Regular Preventative Maintenance Visits
  • Part of the Woodley/Quantum Complete Laboratory System including Biochemistry, Haematology, Blood Gas/Critical Care, Electrolytes, Fluorescence, Coagulation & Urinalysis Analysers
  • Optional Endocrinology Analyser (TOSOH AIA-360)

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