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#WoodleyWigs Prize Winners at Vet Festival 2018

We are delighted to announce the prize winners from our #WoodleyWigs free prize draw at Vet Festival 2018.


#WoodleyWigs at Vet Festival 2018

Woodley Equipment are exhibiting at Vet Festival 2018 - enter our #WoodleyWigs Free Prize Draw


Woodley Equipment is exhibiting at BSAVA Congress

Woodley Equipment and Quantum Vet Diagnostics are exhibiting on Stands 814 and 719 at BSAVA Congress in Birmingham


Woodley Equipment Support Wildlife Vets International’s Raptor Rehabilitation Programme in India

Woodley Equipment support the Raptor Rehabilitation Programme.




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Veterinary Supplies Direct to UK Vet Practices

Woodley Equipment Company is a market leader in the UK veterinary industry with an evolving portfolio of veterinary equipment. Woodley Equipment’s UK Veterinary division supplies veterinary products solely for veterinary practices and laboratories throughout the UK.

Woodley Equipment seek to provide the latest veterinary supplies to vet clinics, thus enabling them to respond to the health needs of their customers better, whilst operating a more efficient and profitable business.

The company has a rapidly growing range of veterinary products with exclusive UK distribution rights, along with a proven track record and outstanding customer loyalty in the form of repeat business and client referrals.

Veterinary Equipment, Diagnostic and Critical Care Specialists



Specialised Veterinary Equipment for Haematology Testing

The Mythic 18 Vet Haematology Analyser is a fully automated analyser available from Woodley Equipment that enables the user to test 18 haematology parameters simultaneously. With a compact benchtop format, it is highly suited to small veterinary clinics and laboratories. The InSightTM qLabs® veterinary coagulation analyser allows veterinary practices to carry out point-of-care coagulation testing in-practice, offering excellent correlation to central laboratory results. Smaller haematology analysers are becoming increasingly sought after in modern veterinary practices as they combine accuracy and speed with a compact size. Please contact us for a quotation.

Veterinary Products for In-House Biochemistry Testing

Woodley Equipment provides UK vet practices with biochemistry analysers such as the epoc Portable Blood Gas, Electrolyte and Critical Care Analyser. It is the first wireless Point Of Care testing solution to use smart card technology and displays results directly to a hand held PDA while wirelessly connecting with your computer and Bluetooth printer. The g-Pet Glucose Veterinary Monitoring System is a quick and easy way to test glucose in animals, for use by vet surgeons or pet owners. The Skyla VB1 requires almost no maintenance and has built-in quality control and calibration for each test. By performing up to 15 biochemistry tests, it can provide highly accurate test results with the precision equal to that of a larger laboratory analyser in under 15 minutes. Please contact us for a quotation.

InSight Urinalysis System

The InSight Urinalysis System is made specifically for veterinary practices and small laboratories and consists of the Vision V5000 Microscope, Urinalysis Atlas, Refractometer, InSight™ MS-2 and MS2 Vet Urine Strips and the InSight™ MS Reader. A full range of veterinary equipment specifically for complete in-house urinalysis testing. Please contact us for a quotation.

  • Vision V5000 Microscope
  • InSight™ MS-2 and MS-11 Vet Urine Strips
  • InSight™ MS Reader

Centrifuges Specifically For Veterinary Practices

Woodley Equipment supplies the UK vet market with a wide range of Clinispin centrifuges. These portable centrifuges are made specifically for veterinary practices and small laboratories. The Clinispin horizon 642VFD is a single speed centrifuge designed for routine blood and fluid separations, as well as centrifugation of urine specimens. The Clinispin horizon 842VET offers control over almost every aspect of the unit’s operation with variable speed and time input. The Clinispin MPC is a portable, variable speed centrifuge, ideal for even the smallest of veterinary practices. Our range of centrifuges is highly sought after along with our veterinary supplies. Please contact us for a quotation.

Veterinary Immunology Test Kits

Woodley Equipment caters for veterinary immunology with a wide range of ImmunoComb® products. The ImmunoComb® VacciCheck Antibody Test Kits are rapid, cost-effective, in-house titre tests for infections in dogs, cats and birds. The test kits are able to test for the need of a vaccine against core infections and also less common ones. Please contact us for a quotation.

Veterinary Diagnostic Tests

The extensive range of InSight™ Rapid Diagnostic tests are simple, easy to use and provide results in just 10 minutes. Woodley Equipment’s range of rapid diagnostic veterinary products includes the InSight™ FIV-FeLV Combi Rapid Diagnostic Test for the detection of feline immunodeficiency virus antibody and feline leukaemia antigen. The InSight™ Giardia Rapid Diagnostic Test is used for the detection of Giardia antigen in animal faeces. The RapidVet® range includes the Rapid Vet®-D Blue Dermatophyte test which uses a colour reaction to determine the presence of dermatophytes and the RapidVet®-H IC Canine Blood Typing which uses advanced immuno-chromatographic technology to identify canine blood groups. Please contact us for a quotation.

Highly Experienced Veterinary Service Department

Woodley Equipment has a vastly experienced technical support team consisting of highly qualified Technical Engineers and Medical Electronics Engineers and Biomedical Scientists. The dedicated level of after-sales service the technical support team provides helps to minimise time and repair costs to ensure customers are satisfied with their products.

Woodley Equipment has a proven track record and outstanding customer loyalty in the form of repeat business and client referrals. The team specialises in a wide range of veterinary supplies including: 


  • Haematology Analysers
  • Chemistry Analysers
  • Microscopes
  • Centrifuges


Quantum Veterinary Diagnostics

Woodley Equipment has a specialist veterinary Wet Chemistry division, Quantum Vet Diagnostics, based in Horwich, Lancashire alongside Woodley Equipment's Head Office. Quantum was initially created specifically to focus on Wet Chemistry Analysis, however its product range has since grown, now focusing on Endocrinology as well. With over 120 wet chemistry customers, Quantum has a proven track record for providing outstanding service and support along with state of the art wet chemistry solutions.


Established in 1989, the company operates from offices and warehouse premises in the North West of England.

Woodley Equipment is now established as one of the fastest growing in this industry sector. They have the reputation of providing an efficient and cost effective service by providing tailored services that meet their customers’ specific needs.

Woodley Equipment is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, recognising the quality of administrative and management systems.

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