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i-Smart 30 Vet Electrolyte Analyser

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i-Smart 30 Vet Electrolyte Analyser

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Available Documents
i-Smart 30 Vet Leaflet LR ver2.pdf
How to run a Sample i-Smart.pdf

The i-Smart 30 Vet Electrolyte Analyser is fast, accurate and maintenance free –
in-practice electrolyte analyser ideal for any veterinary practice or laboratory

The i-Smart 30 Vet is a maintenance free, portable electrolyte analyser available for worldwide veterinary distributors and suppliers. It performs accurate electrolyte analysis quickly and displays results within 35 seconds.  It has an “all-in-one” cartridge containing all consumables required for the tests including reagents, electrodes and sample probe. The i-Smart 30 Vet Electrolyte Analyser is a state of the art electrolyte analyser with a modern design, large LCD touch screen and an in-built printer. Electrolyte results can be instantly viewed and printed. The i-Smart 30 Vet is available to worldwide veterinary distributors.

Species Specific Electrolyte Analysis

Species specific reference ranges enable Sodium, Potassium and Chloride results to be compared to normal levels. The comparison feature compares results taken over a period of time for the same animal, to assess if health is improving or deteriorating.


i-Smart 30 Vet Features: 

  • No user maintenance
  • Autocalibration
  • Cartridge contains electrodes and all consumables
  • Vet specific software
  • Fast, accurate electrolyte analysis
  • Tests electrolytes Na+, K+ and Cl-
  • Small, bench top unit
  • 60μl sample volume
  • Results in 35 seconds
  • Specific animal species reference ranges
  • 300,000 test data storage
  • Large LCD touch screen
  • Battery or mains powered

Measured Electrolytes:

  • Sodium (Na+): 20 - 250 mmol/L
  • Potassium (K+): 0.5 - 20 mmol/L
  • Chloride (Cl-): 20 - 250 mmol/L

The i-Smart 30 Vet Electrolyte Analyser has a memory capable of storing data for 300,000 tests. The i-Smart 30 Vet is both autocalibrated and compact, meaning it is ideal for immediate in-practice electrolyte analysis. As a portable electrolyte analyser, it can run off its own battery or be powered from the mains. It requires no maintenance and can provide accurate results quickly. The i-Smart 30 Vet is an electrolyte analyser suitable for any veterinary practice.

Included in the Package:

As well as the i-Smart 30 Vet Electrolyte Analyser, the package includes:

  • An i-Smart stand
  • Barcode scanner
  • Power pack
  • 6 x paper rolls
  • Operator manual

i-Smart 30 Vet Cartridges are supplied separately to the i-Smart 30 Vet analyser. Each cartridge contains the following components:

  • 3 x Electrodes
  • 2 x Calibration Fluids
  • Reference Solution
  • Sampler & tubing
  • Waste Bag

i-Smart 30 Vet Demonstration Video


Analyser Specifications:

Measuring Range

Na+ : 20 ~ mmol/L

K+ : 0.5 ~ 20 mmol/L

Cl- : 20 ~ 250 mmol/L

Sample Type Whole blood / plasma
Sample Volume 60µl
Sample Analysis Time 35 seconds
Measuring Principle Electrochemistry (Direct ISE)

1 GHz Process

1 Gbyte RAM

4 Gbyte Flash Memory

Operating System

Microsoft Windows® XP Embedded


7 inch TFT LCD Touch Screen


Thermal, 2 inch width paper

Dimension / Weight 29.2 x 25.6 x 17.7 cm / 5.5 Kg

100 ~ 240 VAC

47 ~ 63 Hz

Frequency 47 ~ 63 Hz
Power Adaptor  AC-DC power supply
(Output: DC24V,2.7A)
Battery Operation  Max. up to 2 hours
(Rechargeable Li ion battery)
Interface 3 USB
Serial RS232
Ethernet RJ45
Barcode scanner

i-Smart 30 Vet Cartridge Specifications:

Pack Size / On-board expiration 30 samples / 4 weeks
50 samples / 4 weeks
100 samples / 4 weeks
200 samples / 4 weeks
Storage Condition 10 - 30°C
Components Electrodes
Cal 1, Cal 2
Reference solution
Sampler & tubing
Waste bag
Dimension / Weight 138 x 139 x 80 mm / 0.8kg


i-Smart 30 VET Ordering Information:

Product Code Description
WD1350 i-Smart 30 VET Analyser
WD1351 i-Smart 30 VET Cartridge, 30 Tests (4 weeks)
WD1352 i-Smart 30 VET Cartridge, 50 Tests (4 weeks)
WD1353 i-Smart 30 VET Cartridge, 100 Tests (4 weeks)
WD1354 i-Smart 30 VET Cartridge, 150 Tests (4 weeks)
WD1355 i-Smart 30 VET Cartridge, 200 Tests (4 weeks)
WD1356 i-Smart Electrolyte Quality Control (Multi level 1/2/3)
WD1357 AC/DC (24V) Adaptor
WD1358 Barcode Scanner
WD1359 Printer Paper (1 roll)
WD1360 Analyser Base

If you would like more information please call 01204 669033 or email sales@woodleyequipment.com



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