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Woodley Equipment is exhibiting at BSAVA Congress

Woodley Equipment and Quantum Vet Diagnostics are exhibiting on Stands 814 and 719 at BSAVA Congress in Birmingham


Sponsorship of Vets Now’s CPD programme on Top Tips in Toxicology

Woodley Equipment are delighted to announce sponsorship of Vets Now’s CPD programme on Top Tips in Toxicology


Woodley Equipment is exhibiting at Vets South 2018

Woodley Equipment are exhibiting on 7th and 8th February at Vets South - Sandy Park Stadium, Exeter.


Woodley Equipment Support Wildlife Vets International’s Raptor Rehabilitation Programme in India

Woodley Equipment support the Raptor Rehabilitation Programme.




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Vcheck V200 Point of Care Analyser

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Vcheck V200 Point of Care Analyser

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Available Documents
QP_Vcheck V200 with Cortisol Test Leaflet LR.pdf
The Vcheck V200 is a fully quantitative Point of Care Analyser which helps achieve true analysis with fluorescence analysis.

  • Fully quantitative automated analyser
  • Accurate diagnosis for Dogs and Cats in minutes
  • Pancreatitis Markers cPL, fPL
  • Real-Time Inflammation Markers cCRP, fSAA
  • Analyser provides print out and result storage
  • Reference Lab quality avoiding test referrals


  • Weight: 2.5kg
  • Testing Time: 5 minutes (based on CRP, SAA)
  • Power Source: AC/DC Adaptor (12V)
  • Screen: Touchscreen 7'' Colour TFT
  • Size: 200 x 240 x 205mm
  • Printer: Built in printer
  • LIS/HIS Connectivity: HL7 v2.6 (PCD-01) POCT 1-A
  • Sample Required: Serum or Plasma (Heparin)
  • Special Feature: Auto hand-note recognition of patient's name

  • Unrivalled Accuracy with Fluorescence Technology
Vcheck takes advantage of fluorescent Europium complexes to obtain more accurate results
  • Europium - More Powerful Fluorescent Complexes
When common fluorescent complexes are used for measurement, results may be error-prone due to overlap between the stimulating and emitted wavelengths. Europium gives more accurate results, as the wavelengths of the stimulating and emitted light do not overlap.
  • cPL, fPL - Pancreatitis Markers for Cats and Dogs
Pancreatic specific lipase level is used to diagnose pancreatitis in dogs and cats presenting vomiting, fever, anorexia or abdominal pain.
- Canine pancreatitis - specific lipase - cPL measurement range 50~2000ng/mL
- Feline pancreatitis - specific lipase - fPL measurement range 1~50ng/mL
  • cCRP, fSAA - Real - Time Inflammation Markers
Acute phase proteins cCRP and fSAA are real-time inflammation markers in dogs and cats, providing accurate and rapid information about inflammation.
- Dog Inflammation Marker cCRP (C-Reactive Protein) Measurement Range 10~200mg/L
- Cat Inflammation Marker fSAA (Serum amyloid A) Measurement Range 5~200ug/mL
  • Understand the use of cCRP & fSAA - Quicker and More Accurate than WBC
A practical indicator for severity of illness, as the marker increases proportionally with the degree of inflammation / infection. Unlike WBC, the marker is not affected by stress, steroid drugs, NSAIDs and antibiotics. Accurately diagnoses arthritis, enterobrosia and inflammation / infection.
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