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#WoodleyWigs Prize Winners at Vet Festival 2018

We are delighted to announce the prize winners from our #WoodleyWigs free prize draw at Vet Festival 2018.


#WoodleyWigs at Vet Festival 2018

Woodley Equipment are exhibiting at Vet Festival 2018 - enter our #WoodleyWigs Free Prize Draw


Woodley Equipment is exhibiting at BSAVA Congress

Woodley Equipment and Quantum Vet Diagnostics are exhibiting on Stands 814 and 719 at BSAVA Congress in Birmingham


Woodley Equipment Support Wildlife Vets International’s Raptor Rehabilitation Programme in India

Woodley Equipment support the Raptor Rehabilitation Programme.




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Veterinary Immunology Tests

Woodley Equipment offers an extensive range of veterinary immunology tests for the UK vet market. Immunology tests are a crucial part of veterinary care; Woodley Equipment has a product for various species that test a range of infections.

The measuring of antibody levels against certain types of infection helps to determine when the vaccination series of a particular animal can be ended. The ImmunoComb® VacciCheck Antibody Test Kit has been recommended by the WSAVA as an immunology test which can help to reduce vaccination failure and can help to prevent over-vaccination in dogs. There are also versions of the test kit for use on cats and birds.

Please contact us to discuss the specific immunology requirements for your practice

Monitors serological status, reduces vaccination failure and prevents overvaccination consequences.



The ImmunoComb diagnostic kits provide immediate answers to multiple canine, feline and avian diseases.



Veterinary Immunology Tests

Woodley Equipment offers vet immunology test kits for canine, feline and avian patients. The range monitors serological status of antibodies in animals for a variety of different infections:


  • Hepatitis, Distemper & Parvovirus Ehrlichia
  • Leptospira
  • Brucella


  • Toxoplasma & Chlamydophila
  • FCoV


  • Chlamydophila Psittaci


Tests for Immunity to Core Infections

The ImmunoComb® Canine VacciCheck is a semi-quantitative veterinary immunology test for core canine infections. It offers a quick and simple to use method for checking canine immunity to Hepatitis, Distemper & Parvovirus. The ImmunoComb® Feline VacciCheck can test cat immunity towards Panleukopenia, Herpes Virus and Calici Virus. Serology testing is more important than ever when the new WSAVA guideline recommendations for vaccinating every three years are considered. The ImmunoComb® VacciCheck therefore provides a rapid test to determine whether an animal needs to be re-vaccinated or not.

Canine Immunity Tests

Woodley Equipment also has other veterinary immunology test kits for the canine market which include:

  • ImmunoComb® Canine Parvo & Distemper
  • ImmunoComb® Canine Ehrlichia
  • ImmunoComb® Canine Leptospira
  • ImmunoComb® Canine Brucella

Feline Immunity Tests

The immunology test kits also cover the feline market in equal depth with the following vet immunology tests:

  • ImmunoComb® Feline Toxoplasma & Chlamydophila sp.
  • ImmunoComb® Feline Coronavirus

Avian Immunity Tests

There is also an immunology kits also tests for avian immunity to Chlamydophila Psittaci:

  • ImmunoComb® Avian Chlamydophila

The immunology test kits  are not only self-contained, but they are quick and easy to use.  The collection of test kits covers the essential needs of many practices for vet immunology tests. The test kits can all be used in-practice and without the need for an analyser, saving both time and money for the veterinary practice.

Please contact us to find a veterinary immunology product suitable for your individual requirements 






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