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#WoodleyWigs Prize Winners at Vet Festival 2018

We are delighted to announce the prize winners from our #WoodleyWigs free prize draw at Vet Festival 2018.


#WoodleyWigs at Vet Festival 2018

Woodley Equipment are exhibiting at Vet Festival 2018 - enter our #WoodleyWigs Free Prize Draw


Woodley Equipment is exhibiting at BSAVA Congress

Woodley Equipment and Quantum Vet Diagnostics are exhibiting on Stands 814 and 719 at BSAVA Congress in Birmingham


Woodley Equipment Support Wildlife Vets International’s Raptor Rehabilitation Programme in India

Woodley Equipment support the Raptor Rehabilitation Programme.




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Veterinary Parasitology - Parasite Detection

Woodley Equipment sees the importance of veterinary parasitology testing for all veterinarians. Vet parasitology is the study of parasites, their hosts and the relationship between them in animals.
Parasite detection is crucial for agriculturalists that monitor the presence of parasites which could cause potential economic loss particularly with cattle, sheep and horses.

Woodley Equipment realise the need for such products and offer the Veterinary Parasep Faecal Filter: it has an easy to use method which helps determine Worm Egg Counts (WEC) and subsequent parasite detection in cattle, sheep and horses.

Please contact us to discuss the specific veterinary parasitology requirements of your practice

An easy to use and much improved method of determining Worm Egg Counts (WEC) on Cattle, Sheep and Horses.



Portable Veterinary Parasitology Products

Woodley Equipment realise the need for reliable parasite detection products which can work accurately in any environment. They offer a product which can provide fast and accurate parasite detection when used on cattle, sheep and horse faeces. The Veterinary Parasep Faecal Filter is a single use, disposable product which uses the McMaster chamber technique to provide accurate vet parasitology results. It provides fast and accurate Worm Egg Counts (WEC) in the field. By using two common flotation methods ‘Modified McMaster’ and ‘Improved Modified McMaster’, it is able to separate eggs from faecal debris in a safe, enclosed filtration environment.


Accurate and Consistent Parasite Detection

The product was developed in conjunction with leading veterinary institutions and has several advantages over similar products, in that it enables a cleaner, safer method of parasite detection and also prevents cross contamination. Its cleaner method can be explained by the fact that it separates eggs from faecal debris in an enclosed environment, therefore keeping exposure to harmful vapours and aerosols to a bare minimum. This feature also helps to prevent cross contamination.

The Veterinary Parasep Faecal Filter is an essential vet parasitology product for the UK vet industry, as it can produce rapid results and help vets identify parasites which may affect their animals.

Woodley Equipment also offers diagnostic tests and handheld biochemistry analysers. Why not combine a parasitology product with other products to ensure that your practice has the latest technology:

  • InSight™ Veterinary BHB Milk Ketone Test – can test the level of BHB Ketone bodies in cow milk for the diagnosis of ketosis.
  • The EDGE™ Handheld Lactate Analyser – measures lactate concentration from a small sample of blood.


Please contact us to find a veterinary parasitology product suitable for your individual needs


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