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Woodley UK Veterinary is Exhibiting at BSAVA Congress 2014

Woodley UK Veterinary is exhibiting at BSAVA Congress 2014. The event is taking place in Birmingham from 3rd to 6th April.


Immunocomb® Vaccicheck Antibody Test Kits Can Save the Lives of Dogs

The Immunocomb® Vaccicheck Antibody Test Kit has been identified as particularly useful for use at animal shelters where most dogs do not come in with vaccination records.


Visit Us At London Vet Show 2013, Booth C67

Woodley Equipment is exhibiting at the Grand Hall Olympia for London Vet Show on 21st & 22nd November 2013.


Join Us In Harrogate For Vets Now 2013

Woodley Equipment Is Exhibiting at the Vets Now Congress in Harrogate on 7th & 8th November.




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Biochemistry » epoc Portable Blood Gas Electrolyte and Critical Care Analyser
» g-Pet Glucose Veterinary Monitoring System
» i-Smart 30 Vet Electrolyte Analyser
» InSight Electrolyte Analyser
» PocketChem BA Blood Ammonia Analyser
» PocketChem UA Urine Analyser
» Pulset Arterial Blood Gas Syringe
» Skyla VB1 Veterinary Chemistry Analyser
» SpotChem EL Electrolyte Analyser
» SpotChem EZ Chemistry Analyser
» The EDGE™ Handheld Lactate Analyser
Centrifuges » Centrifuge Accessories
» Clinispin HCT
» Clinispin horizon 642e
» Clinispin Horizon 842VET
» Clinispin Micro
Diagnostic Tests » Avian Influenza Flu Detect™ - Type A Antigen Test
» Combur 9 Diagnostic Strips - Urinalysis
» Diabur Test 5000 Glucose Urine Test Strips
» E.R.D.-HealthScreen® Urine Tests
» InSight FeLV Rapid Diagnostic Test
» InSight FIV Rapid Diagnostic Test
» InSight FIV-FeLV Combi Rapid Diagnostic Test
» InSight Giardia Rapid Diagnostic Test
» InSight Heartworm Rapid Diagnostic Test
» InSight Parvo Rapid Diagnostic Test
» Pre-stained Slides
» Rapid Vet-D Blue - Dermatophyte testing.
» Woods Lamp
Endocrinology » The TOSOH AIA-360 Analyser
Endoscopes » Flexible Micro-fibre scopes
» Vetscope II
General Veterinary Products » DataTherm® II Continuous Temperature Monitor
» EZ-SmartLog™ One USB Temperature Datalogger
» EZ-SmartLog™ Two USB Temperature Datalogger With LCD
» EZ-SmartTemp™ Min Max Refrigeration Thermometer
» Vet IV 2.2 Infusion Pump
» Veterinary iPhone ECG Monitor
» Veterinary Parasep Faecal Filters
Haematology » Differential Cell Counter
» Free QC Program
» HemoCue Hb201 Haeamoglobin System
» HemoCue® WBC
» Mythic 18 Vet Haematology Analyser
» QuickVet® Portable Analyser
» Rapid Vet-H Blood Typing Kits - Canine
» Rapid Vet-H Blood Typing Kits - Feline
» Rapid Vet-H Companion Animal Crossmatch Kits
Immunology » ImmunoComb VacciCheck Antibody Test Kit
Microbiology » Multichrome Microbiology Culture System
» Multichrome Veterinary Microbiology Incubator
Microscope Accessories » Atlas
» Atlas - Urinalysis
» Microscope Consumables
» Microscope Service Kit
» Moticam X
» Optika Pro 3 High Resolution Digital Video Camera
Microscopes » Optika Biological Microscopes - Binocular And Trinocular
» Optika DM-20 Biological Digital Microscope
» Optika Pro 3 High Resolution Digital Video Camera
» Stereo Microscope SMP - 24
Parasitology » Veterinary Parasep Faecal Filters
Toxicology » Poison Test Station
Urinalysis » Refractometer
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