RapidVet-H Blood Typing Kits - Feline


The only in-house blood typing card kits for cats, essential for transfusion and breeding decisions

  • For Feline A, B, & AB
  • RapidVet-H offers the only in-house blood typing card test for feline A, B, & AB blood types
  • Fast, easy, economical and vital
  • Fading kitten syndrome
  • Antibodies in the colostrum of blood type B mother causes neonatal isoerythrolysis in her type A kittens
  • Available in kits of 5
  • Can be stored at room temperature for up to 2 years

"Every cat used for breeding or receiving a transfusion should be blood typed" - Dr. Urs Giger, Dr.med.vet., Dip ACVIM,ECVIM

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RapidVet-H Feline

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