Woodley Vet Diagnostics offers a wide range of veterinary centrifuges. Our range consists of the Clinispin Vet Combi, equipped with a combination rotor and the Clinispin horizon 6, a routine centrifuge ideal where consistency is key.

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Clinispin Vet Combi

The Clinispin™ Vet Combi is a high speed centrifuge that provides accurate haematocrit determination.

Clinispin Micro III

The Clinispin™ Micro III is designed for centrifuging small volumes of biological fluids at speeds of up to 16,500 RPM.

Clinispin HCT II

The Clinispin™ HCT II is a compact, easy to use Haematocrit Veterinary Centrifuge.

Clinispin horizon 6

Minimise error, reduce training time and deliver the best patient outcome with the Clinispin™ horizon 6.