Plasma Low Hb Photometer


The Plasma/Low Hb –Photometer for determination of low haemoglobin levels in plasma, serum, or aqueous solutions. There are many occasions when it is necessary to measure low concentrations of haemoglobin in different media. Until now, time-consuming and complicated methods have had to be used or otherwise reliance has had to be made on imprecise visual judgement. The Plasma/Low Hb Photometer is a quick and simple system, that accurately measures low haemoglobin concentrations in the range of 0—3.00 g/dL (0—30.0 g/L, 0—1.90 mmol/L).

The Plasma/Low Hb Photometer available for rental/hire or purchase


  • Produces accurate results in less than a minute
  • Sample volume only 20µL
  • Precalibrated, portable photometer that requires a minimum of maintenance
  • No calibration or instrument manipulation needed
  • Automatically compensates for a certain degree of turbidity due to lipids or leucocytosis
  • Can be used by non-laboratory personnel after a brief training session (can be provided by Woodley's Biomedical Scientists)


Instrument reading
0 - 30 g/L
0.3 - 30 g/L
Displayed within 60 seconds
Sample volume
20 µL
Sample material
Plasma, serum or aqueous solutions
Factory calibrated against ICSH reference method
AC adaptor or internal batteries
Storage temperature
Photometer - 0°C - 50°C, microcuvette - 15°C - 30°C
1.2 kg
210h x 160w x 90d mm



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