epoc Portable Blood Gas Electrolyte and Critical Care Analyser




The epoc® Blood Analyser is a fast, accurate and cost-effective portable analyser.

The epoc was developed by the founder of the i-STAT Analyser and is the first wireless Point of Care testing solution to use Smart Card technology.

It is a cost-effective, state of the art blood gas analyser capable of providing 18 parameters directly to a hand held PDA (included). The epoc is able to wirelessly interface with your in-practice computer and Bluetooth printer. 


  • Accurate blood gas, electrolyte and critical care biochemistry results in 3 minutes
  • Veterinary species specific software
  • Room temperature card storage
  • 92µl sample, fresh whole blood (arterial, venous or capillary)
  • Completely portable with rechargeable battery and Bluetooth printer
  • Ready to use anytime, anywhere - in-practice, theatre, patient side or equine yard
  • Easy to use with touch screen technology
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled - easy transfer of data
  • EDM Lite software and large data storage
  • Automatic self calibration and quality checks
  • Low cost analyser and cartridges
  • Single-use, self-calibrated test with barcoded SmartCard™ technology for improved safety and total quality assurance
  • Ability to input all patient data, species, temperature and ventilator settings - analyser stores 2000 patient results

Test Card Contains all Parameters

The epoc Blood Gas Analyser is affordable, easy to use and requires no refrigeration of consumables. With its sleek design and touchscreen menu, the epoc Blood Gas Analyser is a modern and accurate device suitable for any UK veterinary practice.

Measured Analytes
  • pH
  • pCO2
  • pO2
  • Na+
  • K+
  • Cl-
  • Ca++
  • Glu
  • Lac
  • HCT
  • BUN
  • Creatinine
  • TCO2
Calculated Values
  • HCO3
  • BE (ecf)
  • BE (b)
  • sO2
  • Hgb
  • AGapK

Three Simple Steps to Using the epoc Blood Gas Analyser

Operating the epoc Blood Analyser is simple. A disposable epoc Test Card is inserted into the reader and an automatic calibration cycle is performed. A small sample of fresh whole blood (92μl) is then injected into the sample entry port on the test card. The reader then analyses the blood and approximately 35 seconds after sample injection, results are displayed on the epoc Host.

Blood Analyser Components

The epoc Blood Gas Analyser has four components: the reader, the host, the test cards and the printer. The epoc Blood Gas Analyser is able to provide accurate results for up to 18 parameters within 3 minutes.

epoc Reader

  • Battery powered portable device
  • Internal barcode scanner
  • Card slot for accepting test card
  • Status indicators to inform user of test progress
  • Measures electrical signals from test card sensors
  • Transmits test results wirelessly via Bluetooth to the epoc Host

epoc Host

  • Mobile computer with epoc Host software application installed
  • Communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth with epoc Reader
  • Calculates analytical values from sensor data sent by epoc Reader
  • Displays test results
  • Communicates with practice computer via WiFi

epoc Test Card

  • Single-use device with port for blood sample introduction
  • Contains array of sensors on a Sensor Module
  • Contains calibration fluid within sealed reservoir
  • Generates electrical signals proportional to analyte concentrations in sample
  • Uses Barcode to identify Card Type, “Use By” Date, Serial and Lot Number

epoc Printer

  • Thermal printer
  • Maintenance free
  • Highly reliable
  • Able to print results immediately


You can now combine your epoc Analyser with new epoc accessories to ensure your veterinary practice has the latest technology. The new epoc accessories include:
  • epoc Bag - contains phase change material to help keep the epoc at a constant temperature
  • epoc Car Charger - for charging the epoc Analyser and other electrical appliances e.g. mobile phones
  • epoc Bluetooth Thermal Printer - can print results immediately and wirelessly
  • epoc Printer Wall Mount - for attaching the epoc Printer to the wall to save space

Ordering Information

Product Code
Product Description
WD1205epoc BGEM3 Test Card (1)
WD1207epoc Analyser System (Reader, Host & Printer)
WD1208epoc Printer
WD1209epoc Printer - Replacement Power Adaptor/Battery Charger
WD1210epoc Printer Paper (1 Roll)
WD1211VEurotrol BGEM Level 1 Control for epoc (1 x 2.5ml)
WD1213VEurotrol BGEM Level 3 Control for epoc (1 x 2.5ml)
WD1216epoc In-Car Charger 12V 150W
WD1217epoc Printer Wall Mounting Plate
WD1218epoc Label Printer Roll (1)
WD1219epoc Transport Case
WD1221Aepoc Carefill Capillary Tubes (1 x 10)

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