Vision Microscope Range

Each Vision model is chosen for its particular features to fill many microscopy needs in a variety of applications. Our line ranges from inexpensive quality microscopes, to full-featured professional laboratory instruments, with various options inbetween.

Vision microscopes are equipped with precision DIN* optics (*Deutsche Industrie Normen, a recognised universal industry standard for microscope objectives). All microscopes are packed in fitted protective Styrofoam and various upgraded accessories are available upon request.

Vision microscopes are available for rental/hire or purchase

Models Available in the Vision Range

  • Advanced Microscopes
  • Dual View Microscopes
  • Infinity Microscopes
  • Inverted Microscopes
  • Medical and Research Microscopes
  • Professional Microscopes
  • Stereo Microscopes
  • Stereo Zoom Microscopes
  • Trinocular Microscopes
  • Digital/Video Eyepieces
  • Vision Accessories
  • Laboratory Disposables
  • Laboratory Microscopy Equipment


Please view the Vision Microscope Brochure for specifications of individual models

This Vision Microscope Range is available for hire/rent for your clinical trial or is available on a purchase basis. They can be ordered with any other clinical trial, medical or laboratory equipment to create the most effective equipment management solution for your study. 



Our range of Vision Microscopes is available on a rental/hire, purchase or equipment management basis - please use the links at the top of the page to request a quotation.


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