InSight qLabs Veterinary Coagulation Analyser



InSight® qLabs® helps diagnose conditions in relation to pre-operative checks for at risk animals, toxins and systemic diseases, hereditary bleeding disorders, excessive bleeding and disseminated intravascular coagulopathy (DIC).


  • Requires 1 drop of non-anticoagulated whole blood (10µl)
  • PT/aPTT tested simultaneously on 1 test strip
  • Room temperature test strip storage
  • Fill test strip directly from syringe
  • QC material available
  • No need to transfer sample into citrate tube
  • ‘Test count up’ for immediate assessment
  • Test strips do not require refrigeration

Simple Test Procedure

  1. Insert test strip
  2. Apply a drop of blood
  3. Results displayed on LCD screen

Cartridge Types

  • PT/aPTT combo cartridge (12)

Reference Intervals


  • PT: 12 to 17 seconds
  • aPTT: 96 to 116 seconds 


  • PT: 13 to 20 seconds
  • aPTT: 96 to 124 seconds 


  • In-house lot-to-lot and day-to-day precision <5.0 CV% (mean value) 

External QC Control

  • Lyophilised whole blood preparations
  • Level I, Level II

Kit Contents

  • qLabs Coagulation Analyser
  • Power Adapter
  • Lancets (10)
  • Lancing Device
  • User Manual
  • Carry Case
  • Data Manager Installation DVD
  • Data Manager Operation Guide
  • eCable

Ordering Information

Product Code
Product Description
WD0242InSight qLabs Veterinary Coagulation Analyser
WD0249InSight qLabs Docking Station
WD0243InSight qLabs PT/aPTT Strips (12)
WD0244InSight qLabs PT/aPTT Control - Normal (1 Vial)
WD0245InSight qLabs PT/aPTT Control - High (1 Vial)
WD0247InSight qLabs Re-Calcification Tubes (12)
WD1210Printer Paper (1 Roll)

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