RAL Diff-Quik


RAL Diff-Quik™ is a simplified and cost-effective alternative to Wright-Giemsa staining and is faster than typical staining procedures.

It reduces the process from 4 minutes to 15 seconds. The speed of execution makes it an ideal stain for emergency diagnostics of medullary and blood smears.


  • 3-step method is very easy
  • Consists of 3 brief immersions in each of the RAL-Diff Quik solutions
  • This manual protocol allows the user to customise and vary the staining intensity
  • The different degrees of shading allow preferential staining for every lab


RAL Diff-Quik can be used for many different applications:

  • Haematology - Blood smears
  • Veterinary Parasitology - Piroplasma
  • Haematology - Bone marrow
  • Cytology - Spermocytograms
  • Cyto-Bacteriology - Cytology of biological fluids, urines, cytopunctures and CSF

Ready to Use

  • New packaging has been created for direct staining without the need to decant stains

Convenient Pack Sizes

  • RAL Diff-Quik EZ-Kit (3 x 100 mL) - For manual 'Dip and Dunk' staining. Includes 3 wide necked bottles to allow the user to directly dip the slides into vials without any transfer of chemicals
  • RAL Diff-Quik STAIN SET (3 x 0.5L) 

Quality Staining

  • User Configurable - The different degrees of shading allow RAL Diff-Quik to deliver preferential staining for every lab
  • The nuclei are stained red to purple (meta-chromatically) by the azure component of the dye mixture. It is believed that DNA is capable of functioning as a chromotope for Azure A, B and methylene violet
  • The xanthene solution stains cytoplasm pink to yellowish-red

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