RAPIDPoint 500e Blood Gas System


Siemens Healthineers RAPIDPoint® 500e Blood Gas System is designed to meet the challenges of Point of Care testing by providing fast, accurate and comprehensive test results.


  • Accurate, lab-quality test results in 60 seconds
  • Easy to use, reliable, maintenance-free operation with cartridge-based system, automatic calibration and QC
  • Robust accuracy for sample to sample by leveraging the Siemens Healthineers designed Integri-sense™ technology
  • Onboard software defences provide reassuring level of protection against cyber attacks and confidential data theft
  • Simple touch screen - simply press 'Start' after inserting a sample
  • Preset custom panels
  • Hands-free automatic sampling with universal sample port
  • Integrated barcode scanner
  • Ideal for sites with the larger workload

RAPIDPoint 500e Tests

Blood Gas: pH, pCO2, pO2
Electrolytes: Na+, K+, Ca++, Cl-
Metabolites: Glu, Lac
Co-Oximetry: nBili, tHB, sO2, O2Hb, HHb, COHb, MetHb
Sample Volume: 100µl

Easy Operation

Weight and Dimensions

16.55 kg
21.1 x 15.8 cm


  • LIS
  • Wireless
  • Dual-port transmission via Ethernet and serial port

Integri-sense™ Technology

Integri-sense™ Technology is a comprehensive series of analyser functional checks and flagging mechanisms designed to deliver accurate test results. It performs frequent quality and blood integrity checks before, during and after every patient sample. Three levels of independent automatic quality control, multiple calibration routines and advanced software algorithms combine to enable the RAPIDPoint 500e Analyser to be ready to generate reliable and clinically actionable test results each and every time.

Data Security

Depend on the RAPIDPoint 500e System to raise the bar in blood gas IT security with the latest defences to guard confidential patient data coupled with the leading built-in technology to protect from external cybersecurity threats. The Windows® 10 operating system has been equipped with McAfee embedded anti-malware, which blocks unknown and unauthorised programs from running. Other key security advantages include a two-step authentication process, an encrypted password requirement for patient data transfer and the inclusion of a firewall to block hacking attempts.

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