QBC STAR Haematology System




The QBC® STAR Point of Care Haematology System is the simple solution to in-house haematology testing.

The QBC STAR Haematology System is a Point of Care analyser that produces a 9-parameter haematology screen in just 7 minutes without the need for bulky, liquid reagents. It works on dry reagent technology and therefore requires no routine servicing or maintenance. It is easy to use and can be used in the most remote/rural of environments.


  • Easy Operation - At the push of a single button, the QBC STAR produces an accurate CBC with nine parameters
  • No Liquid Reagents - The QBC STAR's stains and reagents are contained within a single tube that is easily filled
  • Quick Results - Complete sample processing and analysis takes just seven minutes
  • Laboratory Information System Connectivity - Interfacing the QBC STAR to a Lab Information System is simple using the Ethernet port provided
  • Self-contained Unit - Measuring only 406 x 406 mm


  • Military Medicine - Field Hospitals, Submarines and Surface Ships
  • Oil and Gas Rigs
  • Mining Communities
  • Emergency Rooms
  • Small Laboratories
  • Paediatric Applications
  • POC Settings
  • Remote Healthcare Centres
  • GP Practices

Operating Ranges

Haematocrit (HCT)15-65%
Haemoglobin (Hgb)5-20 g/dL
Mean Corpuscular Haemoglobin Concentration (MCHC)25-37.3 g/dL
White Blood Cell Count (WBC)1.6-99.9 x 109/L
Granulocyte Count (Gran #)0.8-70 / 109/L
Granulocyte Percentage (Gran %)1-99%
Lymphocyte and Monocyte Count (Lymph/Mono #)0.8-99.9 x 109/L
Lymphocyte and Monocyte Percentage (Lymph/Mono %)1-99%
Platelet Count (Plt)20-999 x 109/L

After analysis, the QBC STAR displays the nine clinically significant parameters, both on the LCD screen and on a hard copy printout for records.


The difference lies in the QBC STAR Tube. It is flexible enough to use for both venous or capillary samples. Unlike other systems, when performing a finger stick you can use the QBC STAR Tube as the single vehicle for collection and analysis. 

The dry reagents contained within the tube facilitates testing and analysis safely and accurately without the liquid reagents and liquid biohazardous waste of impedance systems. The clinician simply fills the QBC STAR Tube with the blood sample and places it in the instrument. 

After analysis, the QBC STAR Haematology System displays nine clinically significant parameters, both on the LCD screen and on a hard copy printout for your records.

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