QBC Controls


Quality control (QC) is an essential laboratory process that should be employed when using QBC® Haematology Systems

Manufactured by R&D Systems® (Minneapolis, USA) and designed exclusively for use with the QBC Centrifugal Haematology Systems including the QBC Autoread Plus and QBC STAR.

  • Quality Control (QC) is essential and should form an integral part of laboratory operations as part of a Quality Assurance (QA) program
  • QC monitors the analyser, centrifuge, reagents, staff technique and result reporting
  • QC assesses clinical laboratory quality and performance

Overall performance of QBC tubes, analysers, centrifuge, sample preparation and processing techniques are monitored.

Contains stabilised mammalian red cells, white cells and simulated platelets in plasma-like fluid.


  • Haematocrit (HCT)
  • Haemoglobin (Hgb)
  • Mean Corpuscular Haemoglobin Concentration (MCHC)
  • White Blood Cell Count (WBC)
  • Granulocyte Count (Gran #)
  • Lymphocyte and Monocyte Count (Lympho/Mono #)
  • Platelet Count (Plt)

R&D Systems offers a comprehensive inter-laboratory Quality Control Program (CBC-Monitor) which provides online peer-reviewed statistical data comparisons for the user every month.

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