SpotChem EZ Chemistry Analyser


The SpotChem™ EZ Clinical Chemistry Analyser is easy to use and provides the capability to test up to 22 biochemistry parameters. 

The analyser uses whole blood, serum or plasma samples, making it an extremely flexible system for Point of Care diagnostics. It is highly reliable and requires no regular maintenance or servicing - essential for remote and rural health care settings where access of a service engineer is extremely difficult and costly. It is possible to run one multi-parameter strip plus up to three individual parameter strips from one sample.


  • Dry biochemistry
  • Easy calibration
  • Simple operation
  • Compact design
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Built-in centrifuge
  • 22 parameters available
  • Whole blood, serum or plasma
  • Convenient six test panel strips available

Point of Care Dry Reagent Clinical Chemistry Analyser

The SpotChem EZ Clinical Chemistry Analyser can be supplied with serum tubes, plasma tubes or whole blood centrifuge cups. If using a whole blood sample, the SpotChem EZ eliminates the need for an additional, external centrifuge as the 250µl of capillary blood is placed in the unique centrifuge cup and then spun in the analysers internal centrifuge. The SpotChem EZ Clinical Chemistry Analyser will analyse up to 9 parameters from a single sample and will print results using the internal thermal printer in under 10 minutes.

Biochemistry screening is essential to evaluate a variety of chemicals and enzymes in the blood to provide general information about the status of organ health and function, especially the liver, kidneys and pancreas.

Dry Reagent Clinical Chemistry

There is a choice of 22 individual parameter strips and 8 multi-parameter strips (each containing 5/6 parameters)

  • The reagent chemicals are embedded in pads on the test strips
  • The chemicals react with the patient sample to form a coloured end product
  • The intensity of the colour, or how fast the colour develops, is proportional to the amount of test substance present

Single Parameter Strips

  • Albumin
  • Amylase
  • CPK
  • Fructosamine
  • Glucose
  • HDL-CD
  • LDH
  • Total Bilirubin
  • Total Protein
  • Urea

  • Alkaline Phosphatase
  • Calcium
  • Creatinine
  • Gamma GT
  • Haemoglobin
  • Inorganic Phosphorous
  • Magnesium
  • Total Cholesterol
  • Triglycerides
  • Uric Acid

Multi-Parameter Strips

  • Kidney-2 (Albumin, Creatinine, Total Protein, BUN, Uric Acid)
  • Liver-1 (Albumin, ALT, AST, LDH, Total Bilirubin, Total Protein)     
  • Stat-1  (ALT, AST, CPK, LDG, Total Bilirubin, BUN)     
  • Kenshin-2 (AST, ALT, GGT, TG, Total Cholesterol, HDL-C)
  • Heart (AST, CPK, Total Cholesterol, LDH, Total Protein, BUN)    
  • Panel-1 (ALT, AST, Total Cholesterol, Glucose, Total Bilirubin, BUN)  
  • Panel-2 (Albumin, Calcium, LDH, Total Bilirubin, BUN)
  • Panel-V (Alkaline Phosphatase, ALT, Creatinine, Glucose, Total Protein, BUN)

Built-In Centrifuge

Whole blood samples can be measured easily and promptly with the built-in centrifuge for pre-treatment. Continuous measurement of up to 9 items is available.

Automatic Calibration

By reading the magnetic card attached to each test strip, variations among lots and changes with timing of test strips are automatically calibrated.


Serum, plasma, whole blood
Glu, UA, T-Cho, TG, BUN, T-Bil, Ca, T-Pro, Alb, GOT, GPT, LDH, CPK, Hb, Amy, GGT, ALP, Crea, HDL-C, IP, Mg and FRU
Total Test Items
22 - a maximum of 9 items simultaneously
10 minutes (25°C)
Processing Speed
63 tests/h
Minimum Sample Volume
6 x the number of measurement item + 38µl (min. 250µl when using whole blood in internal centrifuge)
Sample Container
Whole Blood - Exclusive blood centrifuge tube
Serum, Plasma - Exclusive serum sample tube
Data Storage
100 measurements
Calibration by magnetic card
58mm wide built-in thermal line printer (max. 36 characters/line)
Power Supply
AC 100-120V, 220-240V, 50/60 Hz (AC adapter method)
External Output
RS-232 interface, two-way transmission
167 (H) x 338 (W) x 203 (D) mm

Ordering Information

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SpotChem EZ Analyser

SpotChem EZ Individual Parameter Strips

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SpotChem EZ Multi-Parameter Strips

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SpotChem Calibrator AB Kit
SpotChem Calibration Check
SpotChem EZ Pipette Tips (500)
SpotChem EZ/EL Blood Cuvette (100)
WD5542SpotChem EZ/EL Blood Cuvette (500)
SpotChem EZ Serum Cuvette (100)
WD5543SpotChem EZ Serum Cuvette (500)
SpotChem EZ Centrifuge Cups (100)
SpotChem EZ Printer Paper (1 Roll)
SDSL128EZ Reference Strip Packaging

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