Gilson Pipette Classic P5000 1-5ml



 The Gilson Pipette Classic P5000 model is robust, accurate and precise pipette. It is ideal for large-volume dispensing of aqueous fluids of moderate viscosity and density. This model is equipped with a polyethylene filter that prolongs piston life and prevents contamination. Gilson Pipette Classic P5000 model is a fully adjustable, air-displacement pipette with the selected volume shown on the digital indicator (Volumeter).

The Gilson Pipette Classic P5000 1-5ml are available for rental/hire or purchase


Volume (μL):                     Min. 1000 2000 Max. 5000
Systematic Error (μL):           ± 12   ± 12           ± 30
Random Error (μL):                    ≤ 3     ≤ 5             ≤ 8


Our range of Gilson Pipette Classic P5000 1-5ml is available on a rental, purchase or equipment management basis - please use the links at the top of the page to request a quotation.


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