InSight Connectivity


Connectivity choices to link your analysers to your Practice Management System

InSight p-LINK

  • InSight p-LINK is a small computer (Rasberry Pi) which enables sample results from in-practice analysers to be transferred to a Vet Practice network folder with results in Text, CSV, PDF or VetXML formats
  • Now includes cloud based lab reports
  • Quick and easy to set up via a wired LAN point of Wi-Fi
  • Works in the background - no user interaction required

InSight Lab Manager

  • InSight Lab Manager is an advanced, fully integrated Laboratory Management System with specialist IT support which integrates in-practice analysers with the patient record, ensuring results aren't lost and are readily available for diagnosis
  • Ensures laboratory activities are managed correctly and profitably with rapid results in an accessible format
  • Advanced graphical comparison allows specific analyte measurements to be plotted, emailed and printed


  • In-house analyser integration for automated result importing
  • Unique Work Request ID for every test
  • Built-in reports for exporting to referral clinicians
  • Bi-directional equipment integration creates efficiency gains for lab staff - test requests sent to analyser and results received digitally in patient record
  • Holding area for incoming results, allowing result preview whilst ensuring correct patient allocation
  • Reference intervals, equipment flags and indicators displayed
  • Interactive whiteboards for managing all scheduled tests. These contain all relevant patient data and allow users to attach specific clinical information to each request. Colour coded status indication and system notifications to alert users when tests are complete
  • Searchable result database for previous results

How it Works

  • InSight Lab Manager connects to each analyser using a secure isolated network
  • InSight Lab Manager connects to the Practice Management System via LAN, Wi-Fi or can be accessed via 3G if required
  • The user starts a lab 'request' on InSight Lab Manager which will then generate a unique request ID
  • The samples are processed on the analyser(s)
  • InSight Lab Manager then receives the results and matches them to the request
  • A Lab Report is then autonomously compiled & transferred to the Practice Management System

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