Expand Your In-Practice Testing Capability With InSight Urinalysis

27 Jun 2017

Expand Your In-Practice Testing Capability With InSight Urinalysis

Woodley Equipment is delighted to launch the Most 'Complete' Urinalysis Testing with InSight Urinalysis - a Two Stage In-Practice Process which is available 24/7.

Stage One - RapidBac Vet

A rapid immuno-assay for the detection of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria in urine, for use as an aid in the diagnosis of canine and feline urinary tract infections, to facilitate early treatment.

With RapidBac Vet, you can test immediately in-practice. With a high overall accuracy of 98.5%* and results within 20 minutes, this test requires no special apparatus to conduct and can be stored at room temperature.

If RapidBac is negative, there is no need to proceed with Stage Two.

Stage Two - Flexicult Vet

An easy to read chromogenic in-practice urine culture and sensitivity test for diagnosing urinary tract infections in dogs and cats, providing results in just 24 hours to help determine the most appropriate treatment.

It helps identify uropathogens and their susceptibility to 5 common antibiotics - ampicillin, amoxicillin/clavulanate, cephalotin, enrofloxacin and trimethoprim/sulthamethoxazole.

Flexicult Vet is designed as an agar plate with 6 small compartments. Five compartments are for sensitivity testing of each of the different antibiotics and the larger compartment is for uninhibited growth. The agar plate contains a chromogenic substance which causes bacterial colonies on the agar to appear with different colours depending on the bacterium species.

Flexicult Vet is an affordable, in-practice solution, making it ideal for use in a veterinary practice or small laboratory.

Flexicult Vet is perfect to partner with RapidBac Vet for the most complete in-house urinalysis testing.